01 February 2005

Interlude - The great Wind Farm Conspiracy -1

Before we continue with our lessons on Scottish Weather I thought I would share with you some thoughts on what I call The Great WindFarm Conspiracy.
This scandal has recieved little public exposure and I think it is time that the truth was more widely publicised. There has been much talk about Climate change and the need to reduce CO2 emmissions and here in great britain and in Scotland one of the developments that the Government proposes to meet this challenge is the development of large numbers of wind "farms".
We have some of these wind turbines near us. Personally I don't mind the look of them. However all is not what it seems with these wind farms. "They" tell us that these wind farms use the wind to generate electricity but you should not believe this. There is a massive conspiracy going on and its time the truth came out.
The truth is that these windfarms don't use the wind - they generate wind!!!!
Havn't you noticed that the faster the turbine blades spin the windier it gets? This country seems to have got a lot windier since they started building these wind farms and we now know why. The government has secretly gone into the wind generation business. This is part of a massive conspiracy with the North American military/techno/industrial interests. Having stolen all the Iraqi oil they need to use it for something or we would be up to our necks in cheap oil. So what do they do with all that surplus oil? They need to burn it off. It is being secretly burnt of in the power stations and used to generate electricity which is then fed through to these massive wind farms were it drives these wind turbines. The wind turbines then generate wind which dispurses harmlessly (so they think).
They must think we are stupid if they think we wont figure this scam!

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