25 August 2006

Bring oor Pluto planet back!

Whit a stramash it was! Those bastards at the International Astronomical Union (IAU) after arguing among themselves have robbed us of one of our planets. We had nine and now we got eight. it sbloody daylight robbery, well night time robbery - you know what I mean. Before you could look up at the starry night and there was Pluto. Of course I couldn't have told you where exactly but it was there. I'd learnt it.
Now the IAU are calling it a dwarf planet. Whatever happened to political correctness? They should have called it a curcumferentially challenged planet really. Or voluminously disabled perhaps. Dwarf sounds kind of brutal as though were making fun of it. Poor Pluto. The Scottish night sky will never be the same.
And now comes the news that Plutonian representatives here on Earth are set to sue the IAU - yes I kid you not. Read it here

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