15 March 2007

Scots Dr's in Diet Breakthrough

Picture: Mrs Mary McGlumph celebrates the success of the new diet which Scots doctors have developed.

Scots doctors are celebrating the success of a new diet and exercise regime developed at the University of Maryhill, Glasgow.

Fish Oils

The diet which has been under development for five years is based on the traditional Scottish diet and involves the consumption of copious amounts of Iron brew and "fish suppers". The doctors claim that the fish oils in the diet are the main key to its success.

Dr Jinty McMcMucksen, Head of the Dept of Nutrition at Maryhill University, said;

"Ye ken frae her picture that wee Mary is jist a wee slip o' a thing noo. Its all doon tae frying the Fish suppers in lard 'n gettin rid o' aw thae new fangled vegetables 'n that."

Diet improves sex life

The regime developed by the doctors also included a requirement for regular exercise involving a technique called "one legged leg push ups". This is demonstrated by trim Mrs Mary McGlumph in the accompanying picture.

Mrs McGlumph says she is delighted with the results and that her sex life has improved as well.

"Oor Tam disnae bother asking for sex noo cos he says I'm tae skinny so he's taken up wi' that fat slag doon the road which suits me fine cos I'd rather watch the telly."

Mrs McGlumph who is 21 says she has lost 1st 3 oz during the five years she has been on the new diet exercise regime.

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