25 January 2009

Scottish Weather Forecast for 2009

We have just received this long range weather forecast for Scotland for 2009 from Ian Maheid at the Inverlochlochan Weather Station.

January 2009 - Wet and rainy with snow hail and sleet. Cold Winds.
February 2009 - Rainy wet stuff with chilly gales and hail
March 2009 - Mair rain n wet stuff with clouds and stormy breezes
April 2009 - Wet and not quite freezing
May 2009 - Monday 23rd May is forecast to be slightly overcast. Otherwise as before
June 2009 - Scottish summertime starts. Wet cold and windy.
July 2009 - Scottish Holiday season. Slightly less cold lashing doon wi' rain.
August 2009 - Wet and Midgie
September 2009 - Start of Tattiebogle season. Wet.
October 2009 - Freezing hail wi' rain 'n' windy cloud thingies.
December 2009 - Snow 'n' rain 'n' sleet 'n' clouds.

Ian Mahead points out that as for 2008 the 2009 forecast clearly appears to indicate further warming of the Scottish climate consistent with Global warming.

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