08 February 2014

Shock as houses built in river are flooded

As the village of Glenboggle deals with the aftermath of the recent flooding of the Twin Rivers Housing Estate local politicians are fuming mad and demanding that something must be done.

 One politician who wanted to remain anonymous said; " It disgraceful. Something must be done. I don't care what. I don't even care if it works but we need to be seen to be doing something or all those drowned peoples relatives won't vote for us. I blame all this on the last government"

The Twin Rivers Housing Estate was built in a scenic location in the middle of the river Twaddle in 2010 after being given planning permission by Glenboggle council despite experts calling the development "nuts".

Councillor Eric McBoggle head of the planning committee said;
"Its such a shame for those poor people living in the Two Rivers Housing Estate. Its a disgrace that the UK government has allowed all this rain to fall on Scotland. It's David Camerons fault."

The council have denied that their decision to allow property developers to build houses in the middle of a river had contributed to the problem.

"What we really need to do is dig out the river and replace it with a huge concrete pipe to take all the floodwater away." said Councillor McBoggle.

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