28 February 2005

Miscellany 1

My heart started to beat faster and my breathing became shallow and rapid. My hands became clammy and trembled slightly. Could it be? Was I dreaming? I looked again. Yes it was true - three people had read my Blog and they had posted comments! One of them even posted a damn fine funny joke. I will "tak a wee dram" (or two or three...) this evening in celebration.
Note to myself: Remain humble, don't let the fame and fortune go to your head, remember your old friends as you embark on this new life. Well...no fck that ... just give me the book deal and let me retire to somewhere sunny.
I will be back shortly with some further stuff on Scotland but meantime I have to go as I have appointments with my Cardiologist and my lawyer.


PajamaGirl said...

Hey Weather Watcher,

Has the cardiologist put you in the hospital? How is the weather in Scotland?


tina said...

You are hilarious! And, how IS the weather?