01 February 2005

Scottish Weather - lesson 3

Lesson three is something of a recap lesson because we covered a lot of material in the first two lessons. In summary Scottish weather can be categorised into the following categories;
1) Water. Otherwise known as Wet. In a number of types - Mist, fog, drizzle, sheet rain. With no wind and accompanied by temperature in the range mildly cold through very cold to freezing.
2) Wind. (Of the climatic type not the personal type or farts). Wind comes in a range of strengths from windy through gale and storm to hurricane. Each of these strengths associated with any one of three temperature variations as in category 1.
3) Windy water. In the variants lashing down or driving rain. Again each in three temperature variants as above.
4) Watery Wind. Sometimes difficult to distinguish from category 3. Also associated with the three main temperature variants.

In the next lesson I want to say a little more about sunshine. You will not encounter this often in Scotland as explained in lesson one. Sunshine, technically speaking is supposed to be associated with the conditions warm and dry. Such conditions are not encountered in Scotland. However you may hear such phrases as "last year I saw the sun" or "the sun is shining behind that raincloud". This shows that Scots do in fact sometimes actually observe the sun directly or, more usually, indirectly. This almost never qualifies as actual sunshine however as it is never accompanied by the conditions warm and dry. When the sun is observed it is often in mid-winter in dry but freezing conditions shortly before blizzards. This is know technically to Scottish weather forecasters as "a nice day for a walk".
There are reports of sunshine in Scotland but these are usually made by friends when one has returned from holiday abroad. The conversation would go something like this;
"Did you have a nice holiday?"
"Yea, we were steamin all the time."
"What was the weather like?"
"Not bad, it was only mildly cold, a bit windy, and it only pished down about half the time. What was the weather like here in Scotland?"
"Oh it was sunshine for the whole two weeks but its back to normal now."

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